Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Saved by the ..... Book?

This picture has very little to do with my post, but I thought is was adorable. Sorry, I am a parent.

Now to the meat of the story, pardon the pun. Mr. Tweedy and I have been going through all our books and trying to scratch up the nerve to get out there and kill ourselves some Dinner. Pardon the pun again. Then I came across the most brilliant writing that has ever been put on a page. Yes, one of the books suggested that we call a meat processing company and have them do the dirty work. What smart people they were, no wonder they wrote a book. I have been on and off the phone all day trying to find a place to handle my meat ( sounds dirty doesn't it). I am having a hard time reaching anyone and I think it has something to do with the holiday. I am sure I will have better luck next week.

Oh, and Happy New Year


Jerry said...

As I recall, Mr. Tweedy is a fisherman. Surely with that experience he should be able to imagine them as feathery fishes and do the deed, eh?

The Big "R" said...

Mr. Tweedy does not have a scalder or a plucker to do that many birds efficiently. Nor does he have the motivation. Fish are a different story...