Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Story of The Can

Here it is THE CAN, and here is it's story.

It all started on a lovely morning when my oldest requested a tuna sandwich for lunch. Being the wonderful loving mother that I am I packed him one complete with love, and snow peas on the side. There was some residue left in the can so I kindly sat it out on the back steps for the cat, who was out there having her breakfast. The day quickly spun out of control and I tried to get all my chores done forgetting about the can. The next morning I went out to get the paper and found it on the complete other side of the house with these lovely teeth marks in it. I don't know which terrifies us more, the fact that this animal could chew through metal or that it's teeth were so big. We sort of go back and forth on that, and it leads to some very lively discussions around these parts. I do know that there is something big and scary out there and it hangs around my house. Fun!


Lisa said...

Scary! Do you think it's a bear?

EGWBT Inc. said...
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EGWBT Inc. said...

Must be a three-toed bandy leg burrowing Yak.