Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jackpot !

This is the main bathroom on the main floor of my house. Yes, the one everyone see if they need to use the facilities at our house.

Ugly isn't it!

We are in the process of ripping down the old paneling that looks like fake tile, and some fake tile underneath. Boy, the previous owners really liked fake tile.

This is the new pretty tile we had put in this summer to replace the fake plastic tile in the tubs. See, I told you they loved fake tile. We also had the faucets replaced. Aren't they lovely?

Now to the reason this story is called jackpot. We have 3 bathrooms in this house. All of which are in a state similar to this one. We are waiting for the money tree to sprout in the back yard to move forward. Well, yesterday the bathroom extras tree sprouted at Lowe's. We went in to buy some boring things like a new bucket, and water softener salt. Then we caught sight of the piles and piles of towel racks, and toilet paper holders all marked down 75 to 90 %, and they were Kohler. Now, as you can imagine, there was quite a ruckus going on. You had to really fight to get matching hardware. Being the daughter of my mother I was prepared. If my mom taught me nothing else it is how to get the good stuff at a sale. I walked way with exactly what we wanted for our bathroom and the main floor bathroom. The only thing we are missing is the toilet paper holder for the main bathroom. I am inspired. I just may finish ripping down some walls....... when everyone gets back in school that is.

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