Wednesday, January 23, 2008

8:40 am

I hate to bore you with yet another blog about how strange and busy my life has become, but this particular day made my mom laugh.

I have:

Cleaned up one kids runny poop while he pulled everything apart and yelled " my butt is clean mom look, look, look"

Decided to send the other kid to school even though he had a slight fever and was not feeling very well. Yes, I talked to the teacher and they are keeping an eye on him. He has just missed way to much school. I quite sure a phone call will come soon to pick him up.

Talked to my mom on the phone. That phone called ended when I calmly told her I had to let her go so I could ......

Put out a big ol fire in my compost heap

Then I found something dead in the basement

Did 2 loads of laundry

And finally found a tuna can on my deck with a tooth hole in it so big that my youngest can stick his pinky finger through it.

It is 8:40 in the morning. What have you done?

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