Monday, June 29, 2009

Now Where Did That Chicken Go ?

So I guess my sense of humor has taken an odd turn living out here, but this is what we have been doing now that our little fight to save the school has hit a lull. We are still waiting for a response from the school board and the superintendent. That means we have time to evaluate our flock and take some ( for lack of a better word) action. We have 10 chickens in the deep freeze , 2 meat birds that have to go this week or they will just fall over dead, and a bunch of accidental roosters that need some down sizing. The reduction program for the roosters is going to be by far the hardest. We are attached to some, and others we are still a little unsure if in fact they are roosters. I would hate to kill a good laying hen just about to drop her first egg.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SSHHHH, You Don't Know Me

Ok, so it now appears that I am a media sensation.

I guess that means I will have to start wearing dark glasses and a scarf when I leave the house, well that or I will have to take the young Hollywood direction and just wear no underwear and short skirts and use none of the lady like skills my mother taught me when I get out of a car.

I should tell you the story of my meteoric rise to stardom.

The big meeting was on Thursday and we gave them hell. I mean we really showed up in force and defended what is ours. Apparently the school superintendent had mentioned to a few people that he thought only a hand full of people would show up. He had quite the surprise when we not only filled the room to standing room only, but people where lined up in the hall way to speak their minds. To say he looked like a deer in headlights is an understatement. We even had several news outlets there, including the big ol tv station for the state. Can you guess who they interviewed and platstered all over the 10 o'clock news.

Lesson learned never do that again

Not that the interview was bad, but I don't like looking or hearing myself on tv.

Now all we have to do is wait, and see if they give us another meeting ( and tell us the time and place) or if they change their minds. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sticking It To The Man

Most of the activity around here for the past week has been centered around our campaign to keep the community school open. We even spent fathers day handing out fliers and passing around a petition. Letters have been written, meetings attended, friendships made, and our little hamlet is really coming together. Boy howdy is it all exhausting, and I am just a foot soldier in the fight. My friend is the head of the movement and I am a little unsure how she is maintaining her sanity. The whole event is, however, reenforcing the decision we have made to send our kids to the neighboring school district. It was a very hard decision, but they have a lovely school with small classes which they will never close. That would mean no constant fighting and worry for us. It will also mean keeping our children on the mountain where they belong for all of the school days ahead.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Schools out .... forever

We have received terrible news. The front page of the paper has announced that the school district wants to close our wonderful little 2 room school house. No matter that if they do they will have to bus all our sweet little kiddos all the way down a 9000 foot mountain to the big elementary school, or that our school is the oldest continuously operating school in the state of New Mexico. They say it will save them one million dollars to close it. Now if it takes them that much money to operate a school for 24 kids than I am a monkeys uncle. We plan on fighting ...... watch out big mean school board here we come.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


It seems that lately I have been a bit uninspired. It is not like nothing interesting has been going on, you an I know better than that.

My mother in law came and showed me how to vacuum my ceiling ( brilliant ! so why had I not thought of that). The dog showed up one morning sprayed by a skunk, did I mention it just happened to be the day my mother in law called to say she was on her way. The basement flooded with sewer when the boys ( which one is in question) flushed something they should not have down the toilet. The geese found a new home which is lovely and they will be so happy there. A bear got into our chicken feed ( we know because we saw the foot prints) and tossed everything willy nilly. I also broke the lawn mower and I did a really good job. I am not sure exactly what happened but black smoke came out of a crack in some important looking metal. I am not a mechanical person but I am sure that is bad.

I am sure there are countless other little things that I can't remember but today I became inspired once again so here is my story.

I woke up this morning not quite moving very fast. The usual mommy get up, mommy get up, being my alarm call. Then when I walked in the kitchen and opened the door to let the cat out 4 beautiful deer stood looking a me. There were also deer stalking the chicken coop looking for left overs. I shut the door and went on about my morning only to notice the deer just watching me through the screen door. So whats a girl to do...... I just sat and watched them back. We sat there quite a while , looking at each other. That is when it happened I thought of how peaceful it was and how I just love living here and inspiration struck.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It had to happen...

We all knew it was coming. The Geese decided they wanted to be badder than we could tolerate, and got moved to a new home. After several months of them picking on the hens, they have been moved to a large pond and now have new people. We will visit them when we can, but they no longer live at our little abode.