Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Grand Experiment

It seems that our grand experiment has gone a bit off course. We have now cooked 2 of our elderly chickens and still can not get any useful meat off them. I will say we were grabbing at straws with this one anyway. Our chickens were 4 or 5 years old and anyone who tries to eat a chicken that is over a year is usually a bit of a nut. They say that under 4 months is best for good chicken. I kept thinking we could use them for stewing and get something, but no luck. I guess this whole process is one of experimentation anyway and I will eventually run across a system that works for us. We needed our chickens culled and I could not bear the thought of just killing them and tossing them. Now we have the experience to know we can sit down and eat a bird from our yard, and we have found a person to get them to the table for us. Our plans this spring still include a yard full of "eattin" chickens.

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