Saturday, January 26, 2008

Credit Where Credit is due

Those of you who know me well know that I am not a fan of commercial cleansers. I feel that they are nothing but a way for companies to suck money from our pockets and destroy our planet. There are a few good old fashioned things out there that none of us can live with out and generally make our homes a little healthier, but those have been around since our grandmothers time. I have been on a quest in the past few years to cut my chemical purchases and still keep my house clean. I have dug up a ton of natural homemade cleansers and am generally pleased with their preformance. However there is one room that still mystifies me, the bathroom. I have been making my own baking soda and lemon juice cleaners and have found them to work well. I just longed for the day I could whip out my nice spray bottle and clean away. I have now been saved. Clorox, of all people, has made a new line of products called Green Works. I decided I would try them for my dreaded bathroom. WOW ! I love it. It cleans wonderfully and I can be sure that I am not harming my planet. The only problem I can find is it comes in a plastic spray bottle that I do not have the facilities to recycle, but I guess so does my lemon juice. It just goes to show, if we consumers demand it they will produce it.

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Tara said...

In case you're interested, I use the following:

Bathroom: Bon Ami cleanser for tub & toilet bowl, Mrs. Meyers all-purpose spray cleaner for toilet, Mrs. Meyers glass cleaner for mirror, Ecover liquid scrub (like soft scrub) for the sink.

Kitchen: Mrs. Meyers powder cleanser for stove top & sink, Mrs. Meyers all-purpose spray for everything else.

The Mrs. Meyers stuff is expensive, but it lasts a LONG time - I've been using the same bottle of all-purpose for about 9 years now (I'm not kidding). And it smells great and is really gentle on my hands.