Friday, January 25, 2008

My Kids Are Weird

Now everyone says that I know, but mine really are. Yesterday when we went to town to buy feed and food (feed for the animals, food for us) I found a really cool product. I found sushi kits. Now, most people would not think that it was a really cool kid product. I , however, am not most people.

I knew right then and there that my kids would love them. Is anything cooler than cut up veggies, fish, rice, and sea weed?

If you are me.... then the answer would be " why yes, there are lots of things a great deal cooler.", but not to my kids. So that brings us to our title, my kids are weird.

As soon as the big one hit the door coming home from school he knew something cool was in the house, and when he found it we had to start consuming it immediately. I will have to admit it was a fun afternoon. We laughed and giggled, and I even tried the sea weed. We have a standing rule/activity that we each try something new each week. I have have to admit mine was a reach for me, but fun. Now for Mr. Tweedy's apple pears.

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Small Town Living said...

Sea Weed? I be it was a stretch.