Saturday, January 5, 2008

This Means War

The rooster and the goose have begun to fight. I don't mean that picking on your sibling type of arguing. I mean the gangland, prison yard , cut you with a knife fight. We now have to keep them separated. This is quite fun as you can imagine.

Picture this.....

Me in my nightgown, muck boots, and snow coat in a chicken pen in the dark with a 50 pound goose and a 8 pound ball of furry who hate each other.

Now, I have to talk one of them into leaving the pen ( or as they would say giving ground to the other guy). I gave up this morning. I now have to worry that Silly will flat out kill Dinner before my big tough man gets home to whip them into shape. All I have to say is good thing I got a hold of the meat man last night and he is willing to help us take a few chickens from yard to freezer. In fact it is scheduled for next Thursday.

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