Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our House is Covered in Snow...

And we have the coolest, most Christmas-like weather vane ever.

More Snow!

We got 6 inches of snow overnight. The roads had not been plowed, and our truck promptly slid in the ditch on a turn. A neighbor pulled it out for us, but what a morning!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Continuing Soap Opera of the Dog Fence...

As if the new fence wasn't enough, we now have old people teasing our dogs from across the fence when we are not around. This morning, we saw a little old man and woman at the end of the driveway, yelling at the dogs and saying they needed to be run out of town. What??

We also heard an interesting story from a friend. This story concerns the disposition of plums we witnessed being picked from our yard by the very same person who started this whole dog debacle. It seems she is giving away our plums as Christmas Gifts to the locals.

We put up the wrong kind of fence, I am afraid. We need one to protect us from mean and vicious senior citizens who like to steal our fruit and tease our dogs.

By and large, most people in this town are very pleasant. There does, however, remain an element with which no-one can seem to please. No wonder it is so hard to get younger families to move to rural areas such as this. It is mind boggling that a certain element of the town's society would rather see it die than change for the better with new people and ideas.

Well, for what it is worth, the dogs are here to stay, and so is the new fence. I can't wait to see what else develops...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Very Snowy end to November...

After we got back from our trip to Texas, it began snowing on November 30th. It really didn't stop until yesterday. We got about 8 inches a night, except for one crazy night when we got 2 feet! School has been called off for nearly a week now.

These kids REALLY need to go back to school.

I hear we are due for more starting Monday night. Oh Brother!