Monday, December 31, 2007

Mrs. Tweedy

Those of you with older kids will know who that is. For those of you who don't she is the wife on the movie Chicken Run who has a check list of who is laying and who is not. Those not laying are turned into dinner, and those laying get to live another day.

Well, I have become Mrs. Tweedy.

We have an obnoxious rooster and a bunch of nonproductive hens out back. I love our chickens but it seems that we are going broke feeding animals that do not do us a lot of good. I spent the morning at the library digging up every book on how to kill and clean a chicken for food. The question now is can we do it? Can we really look into the eyes of our little pets and turn them into soup? Can we clean them with out making a mess of it and have to end up throwing out the meat? I guess you can tune in to see how it turns out.

See you next year.


Lisa said...

Good luck Mrs. Tweedy!

Tara said...

I'm very anxious to hear how this turns out, since as I've probably mentioned, we're wrestling with those same problems ourselves. Quite a bit prematurely, though - it's nowhere near do or die time for us yet. Glad you're going first (sorry). :)

My life said...

And I thought my life was stressful. I guess I'll always know I could be choosing to kill my pet chicken. Actually, my dad did kill and made us eat our pet bunnies Grandpa Pritchard gave us. I'm not quite over the trauma yet. I hope your decision causes less drama. He had two very upset daughters. Maybe boys think that is cool and not the worst thing that could have happened to them in their lives so far.