Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It Must Be Love

I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Tweedy and I must really love each other. Now why after 16 years of marriage would it just now be apparent. The answer would be this week. Our house has been insane. Take the fact that I decided I would really get going on the kitchen redecorating so I took the kitchen apart. Add it to the stomach virus that seems to linger and is working its way through the family. Then toss in a 3 year old who has decided to question us at every turn. What you get is 2 whinny children, 14 tons of laundry piled up, a disaster of a kitchen, an empty fridge, and 2 people who love each other very much.

And by the way we changed the new gooses name to Sally, Dinner is in the freezer, and I will post pictures of our very brightly painted kitchen as soon as I am done.


Lisa said...

"Dinner is in the freezer" has a whole new meaning now! You crack me up!

Small Town Living said...

What is amazing is that my sister has been married for 16 years...and I am 25. I hope that Lanna and I do as well as you two!