Friday, January 4, 2008

Lucky Goose

This picture was taken quite some time ago. It is a picture of Silly and you can see the tail feathers of the much missed Lucy. Silly is still very depressed and generally pissed of about his loss. We have come to a point where something needs to be done. Being the mom in the family and therefore the doer I called around this week looking for a nice home for our beloved goose. Silly me, I thought everyone would be thrilled when I found an actual bird sanctuary full of african geese for him to go live at. When I gleefully announced to my children that I had in fact found him a home they collapsed into little puddles of jello. I was accused of all sorts of terrible acts and labeled a bad mother. I just don't think I had realized how attached my kids were to those geese. I knew they had cried long and hard over Lucy, but she had actually died, not just gone to live a happy life with a flock. After much abuse I gave in and called the loving goose flock back. I have now arranged to buy a goose from them so at least Silly won't be alone any longer. There is one hitch to this. We have to bring Silly with us and let him pick out his mate. Yes, they insisted. I am thinking that should be great fun. Loading a goose in the truck to go to a farm and select his new mate. I can see all sorts of reasons for you to check this blog tomorrow.

Just in case you are wondering I love having geese so this really is not that big a stretch for me. And in case you are wondering how they feel about eating some of our chickens. I have been told ( by them) that they don't care. " Dinner is evil" they say and run off. I guess there is something to be said for being half way nice. It could really save your neck some day.

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