Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun

One of my favorite things about living out here in the absolute middle of no where is the wonderful feeling of community. There are only around 1,000 people in our town and most of us are separated by miles. That means trick or treating is out of the question. The solution is ,of course, to hold a festival. Our town loves a festival. We tend to hold one for everything and Halloween is not any different. It was really nice to see everyone in their costumes and you know a great time was had by the kids when they can't even pick what they think was the most fun.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Raccoons 0, Farmer 4

The Great Raccoon Invasion is now over thanks to the assistance of Mr. Browning.

Friday, October 26, 2007

An egg of a diffrent color

Here it is the much anticipated picture of our " easter eggs". I have finally gotten around to posting it. They are quite fun I must say and we enjoy being a little like Dr. Seuss. We did not have any white eggs that day to toss in the mix, but you can see those at your local grocery store.

Isn't it uncanny

I have a question for you....

How may cans can a canner can if a canner has 2 kids????
The answer is zero.

We grew our own cucumbers this year in hopes of making pickles. We bought jars, which can also be used for all sorts of lovely creations next year, and other supplies. I dug out my aunts pickle recipe from when I was a kid. Boy did we have big plans. The boys were thrilled to make their own pickles and I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Fast forward a few weeks, and now all I have is a pile of rotting cucumbers and supplies taking up my precious cabinet space. I ended up feeding the cucumbers to the chickens.

Well, there is always next year, Right?

I feel like I have been saying that a good deal lately. It seems as if we bought this place with a big bag of dreams and are falling behind in the making them happen department. I think we forgot that between moving in and having the place running smoothly is a huge learning curve. I guess you could say we have wonderful visions and just not enough time to get them all done. I know it will get easier as we learn and the boys grow. Hey, dare I say as the boys get old enough to really help with the chores.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Big Freeze

We have officially had our first freeze here at Skunky Acre. We are putting the new wood stove to good use and it is already becoming a great asset to the place. It has kept us toasty warm and we have only had to light the heaters in the far flung rooms. It also means that I now have to keep the wood split for starting all those lovely fires . I just tell my husband that it is the sexy part of my day. The geese are not to happy with their slushy water. They kept getting in an making funny goose faces and honks. Yes, geese can make funny faces... well, more like funny eyes. They have very expressive eyes you know. You can really tell someone is in there looking back out at you. I just hope they are not planning anything.........

Monday, October 22, 2007

Apples , Apples, and more Pumpkins?

This weekend our town had it's annual apple festival. We all went and had a great time eating and visiting with everyone. It was nice to see some fresh apples since our orchard was caught in a late freeze and we lost our whole crop this year. We did manage to grow our own pumpkins. The boys loved seeing them go from seed to fruit. A pumpkin is a fruit right ? Being a city girl I am new to all this farm business. Anyway, with the festival weekend here, pumpkins in the yard, and Halloween around the corner fall is here.

We have had requests for pictures of the " Easter Eggs". Stay tuned as we are working on getting some on the site. Not only am I new at the farm business, I am also new at the Blog business.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Great Raccoon Invasion

As some of you may know Skunky acre is under attack. The offender may be cute, but underneath is a killer. I am speaking of the great raccoon invasion of 2007. We have tried every thing we can think of to send them packing and they continue to eat our chickens. Needless to say we have spent a lot of sleepless nights out back in the coop. The boys are getting quite a thrill out the circus but the chickens are a bit freaked out. They have all but stopped laying and are a little torn up but hopefully will recover soon. We will keep you posted on our progress and please we beg you keep a watch out for the great raccoon menace.