Thursday, January 10, 2008

We Did It

It is done ! Today we dropped off Dinner and his elderly girls at the butcher. It is a little bit quieter in the chicken yard, but that is a good thing. It was easier than I thought to load them up and drop them off. I sort of wondered if I could do it. Could I really take my sweet little pets to be made into food. I did and as a matter of fact it made me want chicken for dinner. Good thing I have left overs in the fridge.

We learned a lot when we dropped them off. The butcher raises all his own food and also sells a few pigs on the side. You buy them, he raises and butchers them for you. I sort of like the sound of that. It is definitely food for thought.


Lisa said...

"Food for thought", huh? You are funny!

My life said...

I hope I don't have nightmares thinking of my bunnies. I guess I'd better ask Russ if he took our dog to a Korean butcher since he is missing.