Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crazy Mountain Folks

I think the title really wraps it up. We have truly become crazy mountain folks and you know what ... we love it.

We had the kids Halloween parties at school, complete with a lunch room turned into a haunted house, and a parade at the end of the day. It was the parade with the exciting story because you see it was 18 degrees outside and actively snowing. But we still had that parade all around town with all the elementary and middle school kids waving and screaming " Happy Halloween". The parade goers even had candy to throw at the parade ( a bit backwards but fun). What a wonderful day, and what a wonderful school.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween ?

Yes, that is right it is not even Halloween yet and we are already on our SECOND snow. Go figure !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Friends Ass

If you want to see a good friend of mines ass, just rent Transformers 2 ( out today on DVD).

What ....

get your mind of of the gutter, she rents and sells donkeys. Hers is reportedly pulling a cart in this movie but I can't say for sure. It seems that I am not a very good friend ( or mom of boys for that matter) and did not go see the movie in the theaters. I do ,however ,have it on the way to my house as we speak from netflix.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who Is That Man And Why Is He Screaming At Me

The nearest I can figure out his name is Charlie. That would be the total that I know.

Now for the story......

I came home from taking my youngest to the doctor, back when the horrible sickness had taken over the house, only to find my husband a bit upset. Apparently some strange man in a white truck had pulled into the driveway, gotten out, and began to scream at us. Being a sane man my husband avoided all contact with said man. This action only made the gentleman more upset. He eventually left, and my husband assumed I would know what what going on. When I arrived home with my sick little one I was asked if we knew anyone in a white truck with a funny mustache and if I knew why he would yell at us. Of course I knew nothing. I now got to spend the entire week or so asking everyone up and down the street if they knew him and if they knew what was wrong. I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy. I stop everyone walking up and down the road, and quiz anyone I can catch driving by. I have been told everything from my dog scared a little old lady ( the same lady who comes in my yard and picks my fruit when she thinks I am not looking, by the way) to I have a viscous dog that tries to eat people. Truth be told, no one knows what happened. Maybe eventually I will find Charlie and we can find out the truth.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The latest from Skunky Acre

I know it has been quite some time since I made a post. I really have no excuse other than being busy, and isn't everyone now days. I do, however, have quite a bit of fun and excitement to spread all across the internet. So here goes, the latest infomation coming out of Skunky Acre.

We had a rooster rebellion. Long story short, if you have male anythings and lock them up to keep them away from the females they will find a way out every single time. No matter how much fencing you patch, or how attractive you make the lovely private quarters.

We are also not having our calls returned by the majority of our friends. If I have learned anything living out here it is that if you are trying to find a home for a wonderful huge potential meat bird sperm donor people forget to call you back. And we have 3. I guess they will just end up in the freezer. It is a shame though, lovely genes they have.

A huge round of sickness has also passed through the house. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that it is all over. I think I was the worst. I went to the doctor because I could not figure out what was wrong with me. The doctor took one look at me, took my temp., and said sweet heart you are sick with the flu. Go home and get in bed. Leave it to a mom to not see the forest for the trees.

All our pumpkins died this year. We had beautiful lush plants, but all the fruit rotted right on the vine. Well, I take that back one made it this far but it has not turned orange yet so we will see. This leads us to finding pumpkins for Halloween. Lucky for us some friends up the street have a pick your own field. The boys are begging to go, but I told them we have to wait until we are all not contagious, and everyone is actually attending school again. They are a little unhappy about that.

I also agreed to let my oldest boy have a good chunk of the football team have a party and spend the night, and I added my youngest first sleep over to the evening. Some of the other moms responded with statements like " What ! are you on crack", and " There must be something wrong with you". I answered with " what is one more monkey in a barrel", and " No, I don't do drugs or drink for that matter". And for their part all of the kids were wonderfully well mannered, the big kids were nice and included the little kids, and the evening was a lot of fun.

I have finally found the limit of what exactly our Toyota Prius can hold. I fit 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 drum sets, my husbands bunker gear ( for fire fighting), 2 sets of football gear, 3 back packs full of home work, and one bag of soccer gear in my little car. Now I don't know if I given the opportunity I could fit more, but we were fairly loaded down. Who says little cars can tow the line !

That is all for now, I am sure I am forgetting a ton of exciting news but I will have to post it as I remember. Please check back for my up coming post. It will be titled " who is that man and why is he screaming at us".