Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through the shameless kid photo. You know that we parents are required by law to do that several times a year. On another note Lucy is doing well. She seems to be healing up nicely and has started honking at us and acting very obnoxious again. We are all very pleased to announce that the culprit has been trapped and relocated. He now has a nice home in another canyon, and much to the disappointment of my children has not been petted. The chicken tractor is still under construction. The men around here took a short break from working on it in order to complete the award winning rocket but are now talking chicken again. I am sure we will have another lull in the construction for the completion of a pine wood derby car .. but they have a few weeks before that becomes critical. Christmas is in the air around these parts, and I am becoming more busy than I prefer. I look at the calender and all I see is ink. I love this time of year, but often feel as if I can not do all that is required of me and my family. Such is life........

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