Friday, December 14, 2007

The Amazing New Chicken Tractor

Well, here it is the new and improved chicken tractor complete with 4 pissed off chickens and a very happy rooster. There is still a little work to be done. We plan on painting it and adding a door to let the little guys out every now and then but this is it for the most part. I don't think they did such a bad job considering all they had was one dad, 2 boys, a pile of wood, and some ideas off the internet. Now that we have a basic working design we plan on building a few more for the rest of the flock. We can then move them up and down the rows out in the orchard. Hopefully then we will have happy chickens, no bugs, and a fertilized orchard. I am sure I am asking to much.

1 comment:

Tara said...

I don't think you're asking too much. That is how it's supposed to work, after all! :-) I can't see the picture, though. Maybe it's me.