Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Long Dark Night

I have been up since 2 am and the news is sad.

I guess we should start at the beginning.

Last night my husband kept coming in from the observatory and say he smelt something strange and animalish out there. It had been a long day so we just ignored it. Then around two in the morning we were once again awakened by loud, violent goose screams. My man got up and ran outside only to find two scared geese. Right before his eyes one of them was snatched into the darkness. I am going to say I think it might have freaked him out just a bit. He ran inside to get a gun and I joined him. I sort of thought something had gone wrong when the goose screams went from 2 birds to one solitary animal. We went outside and found both geese, only the girl goose had no face........ Yes, you read that right she had no face. I will say that I was horrified. She was stumbling around and the boy goose was trying to comfort her. It was such a sad sight, and we had to shoot her to put her out of her misery. We loved that goose and it was such a painful thing to do, but her brain was hanging out and she had no chance. Now this is the worst part. When we shot her the boy goose looked at us and started to cry. He is wounded also, no doubt from trying to protect his girl. We hope he has a good chance of making it through but after a night like that who knows. We sat up trying to decide what on earth could do such a thing and have come to the decision that it must have been a bear. We are heart broken and will miss Lucy terribly. Now to break it to the kids.

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Lisa said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! I didn't know there were bears out there! Have you ever seen one?