Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moving on up

Yesterday was a good old fashioned farm day around Skunky Acre.

The Black Broilers were moved out of the brooder and into a pen. They really enjoyed the dirt under their feet and spent part of the day taking dirt baths. Then the little roosters found a new love of arguing with one another, and everyone attempted to eat any thing they could find be it food or not. We also discovered that they had already gone through their 50 pound bag of chick start, boy are they hungry fellows. It is getting them nice and plump and juicy though.

So we made a quick run down to the feed store and resupplied all the animals. Feed has really gone through the roof around here. It is now costing me $25 for 3 weeks worth of feed. I am really glad we pasture our chickens at this point, all though, I have no idea what I am going to do this winter when the chickens don't find as much food out there. This lead us to come to a very hard decision, we are going to have to raise our egg prices. I really hate to do it. I love the thought of undercutting Walmart, and supplying a better product at the same time. The big problem is now that I am losing money if I don't raise my prices, in fact at $3 a dozen I am still only making twenty five cents a dozen.

Hummm, maybe growing corn in the garden and fighting the raccoons off it is not so bad an idea. I might have to think about that one.

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