Monday, April 28, 2008

You Have Got to Dig It

Here is my latest project. It is somewhat still pieced together given the time sensitivity of planting things like food.

We have a lovely fenced area right off the back door. The old owners used it for a yard, I am trying to turn it into a cottage garden. The ugly old fence will be torn down and replaced with some cute little number. Well, may be not so little as it has to keep out the deer and chickens. I don't think there is a fence yet invented to keep out the raccoons, but that is a whole different story. We are just staying away from the growing of corn and crossing our fingers with that one.

This winter I locked the geese in the little yard and let them go to town on the grass. I was really pleased with their work as nothing has come back up as of yet. Now I am putting raised beds all through the garden with mulch around them for access. I have 6 beds in right now with plans for 5 more. To cut the price I have been scavenging wood from behind the chicken garage for flowering plants. I can use any old treated wood for the plants I am not going to eat, and I think it will add interest to the area if it is not just a food garden.
I really hope it turns out a pretty as it is in my mind.


Sherry said...

All I can say is....Who are you and what did you do with my cousin? I now believe in alien abductions.

NMilluminati said...

That's funny, I can safely say I have never known a time when she wasn't like this. Maybe you met a doppleganger many years back.