Friday, February 1, 2008

The Sheep Are Laughing......At Us

Yesterday we went to the farm to pick up the next 3 or 4 months of worth of meat. Before I go any further let me say I added laughing sheep farm as one of our links and you should really check it out. It is where we get all of our beef and sausage, and it is the most wonderful place. This time they had newborn lambs and they took the boys over to see them. What great fun it was to see my babies getting to pet lambs. Now, you do understand that it was not as special a time for the sheep moms. They let us get near them but all the while let us know that they were not to happy about it.

I want to say in the end the Sheep had the last laugh because last night around midnight this sweet little boy in the picture woke up feeling terrible. I took him in to the doctor today and guess what .......
He has the Flu.

Well, not actually THE FLU, but " a flu like virus that has the same symptoms as the flu, acts like the flu, and make you feel like you have the flu". I was instructed to take my poor sick kid home and put him in bed for 4 to 5 days. Here is the bonus for the rest of the family. Since this is not actually a true flu the flu shot we all got will not protect us from it. Great !

Don't you want to visit my house right now ?

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