Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They Came, They Saw, We Partied

Here are the only decent pictures I have of the weekend. Boy does it really suck being camera free. I had to depend on everyone else and no one takes pictures the way I want them. That is all solved now. I went and bought a camera so that I will no longer be dependent on others. That said it was a great weekend. We went to the zoo, the space museum, and made stuffed animals at the bear factory on Saturday. I also got to spoil my sweet little niece ( that was the best part of the day). Then we partied hardy on Sunday. I wish I had pictures of that but I don't. How bad a mom am I that I don't even have pictures of my sons 9th birthday. Maybe someone will send me some so my kid does not have to bring that up later in life. I am quite sure that would lead to" you love him more" accusations and lots of therapy. The party was a great time and I enjoyed seeing the big guy play with all his friends. All in all it was a great weekend full of family, friends, and fun.

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