Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Yesterday we had a great big surprise,

and no mom I am not having a baby.....

We are done with that.

Our surprise was an orchard full of water. You see we have this lovely little stream/ irrigation ditch that runs across our property up by the road. It is the left overs from the old settlers. It is even registered as historic ( I got a special paper at closing about how we could not change it). The kids love to play in and near it, in fact they rebuilt the fort so they have to climb over it to get in the club house. Any way, we had another lovely day outside so we were out starting to clean up when I ran across a giant pool of water in the orchard. Apparently they have been running a good deal of water in the ditch and it was overflowing onto our property.

We ended up spending the afternoon trying to increase the flow by cleaning out reeds. I don't know if we actually did any good, but I got a ton of old dry damp grass for our compost pile. Hey, at least we will have great apples this spring!

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Sherry said...

Remember how much fun we had in Grandpa & Grandma's ditch?