Monday, February 18, 2008

The Big Push

We had a giant snow storm come through this weekend and thank goodness because the big push is on. I have 4 days until my entire family comes to help celebrate my oldest sons 9 th birthday. He has also invited a few friends over for a little party. The snow helped keep the kids entertained while I tried to get some things done around our construction site of a home. Boy, am I starting to sweat it out too. I have about a million projects in various stages of completion. I am finishing them as I find things on sale. Well, with every one coming I am trying to wrap them up while my poor neglected kids play in the snow. The little one was particularly cute as he has just figured out how to catch snow flakes in his mouth.

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Tara said...

How's the house-prep coming along? Hope the birthday party is big fun!