Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sticking It To The Man

Most of the activity around here for the past week has been centered around our campaign to keep the community school open. We even spent fathers day handing out fliers and passing around a petition. Letters have been written, meetings attended, friendships made, and our little hamlet is really coming together. Boy howdy is it all exhausting, and I am just a foot soldier in the fight. My friend is the head of the movement and I am a little unsure how she is maintaining her sanity. The whole event is, however, reenforcing the decision we have made to send our kids to the neighboring school district. It was a very hard decision, but they have a lovely school with small classes which they will never close. That would mean no constant fighting and worry for us. It will also mean keeping our children on the mountain where they belong for all of the school days ahead.

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ACadwallader said...

See now I am laughing all over again,and you know giggling is not allowed.