Monday, June 29, 2009

Now Where Did That Chicken Go ?

So I guess my sense of humor has taken an odd turn living out here, but this is what we have been doing now that our little fight to save the school has hit a lull. We are still waiting for a response from the school board and the superintendent. That means we have time to evaluate our flock and take some ( for lack of a better word) action. We have 10 chickens in the deep freeze , 2 meat birds that have to go this week or they will just fall over dead, and a bunch of accidental roosters that need some down sizing. The reduction program for the roosters is going to be by far the hardest. We are attached to some, and others we are still a little unsure if in fact they are roosters. I would hate to kill a good laying hen just about to drop her first egg.


Tara said...

We're in pretty much the same position. After all our chick losses, we're pretty sure we wound up with mostly roosters, so more meat for us, I suppose. But like you, I have a few I'm not sure about. Also, we want to keep two of them - one as a replacement for our a-hole rooster and another because our flock size now warrants two roosters. Ahhh, decisions, decisions.

NM Illuminati said...

Darn! You should have got an image with a fresh head on the stump!