Friday, June 19, 2009

Schools out .... forever

We have received terrible news. The front page of the paper has announced that the school district wants to close our wonderful little 2 room school house. No matter that if they do they will have to bus all our sweet little kiddos all the way down a 9000 foot mountain to the big elementary school, or that our school is the oldest continuously operating school in the state of New Mexico. They say it will save them one million dollars to close it. Now if it takes them that much money to operate a school for 24 kids than I am a monkeys uncle. We plan on fighting ...... watch out big mean school board here we come.


NM Illuminati said...

Power to the people!

Tara said...

Wow - that stinks! I think I'd home school at that point. Actually, I'm pretty sure I'd home school anyway. Here's hoping you can change their minds!