Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today I Had To Shave The Butt of a Cat

I am not sure how else to put it, but I had to do just such a thing today. I am positive that you are wondering why anyone would have to do that. Well, as usual it is quite a interesting story.

You see the victim in this case is poor little Miss Kitty. She is a stray that has been hanging around here for quite some time. She has set up house on our deck and no one , and I mean no one, questions it. I guess you could say she is a little protective of that space. She weighs about 20 pounds ( good deal of which is hair) and she is missing most of her teeth. She is also the next cat to hit the vets office and officially become ours. A point she may be reconsidering right now.

Today as I was feeding her I noticed a small issue. Upon further inspection I found that , how can I put this, because of all the long hair she has some vital body functions had become blocked off. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Now she is a half wild cat that tolerates us because we feed her. I can't comb all that hair or bathe her to keep her clean, so how was I now going to fix this?

My oldest son and I decided just to wrap her in a BIG beach towel and start shaving. As you can imagine it was a very interesting experience. One I don't hope to ever have to repeat. I am quite positive that Miss Kitty feels the same way. After the event she quickly exited the building and is not coming anywhere near us or our crazy house. It all makes me wonder if we will ever see her again. If not who could blame her.


NM Illuminati said...

Mrs. Kitty must be a shitty kitty.

Tara said...

OH MY. You are most courageous.

You: So what did you do Saturday night?

Me: I burned the horns off baby goats. You?

You: I shaved a cat's butt.

Me: Oooh. You win.