Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally .......

Yes, I know it has been quite some time since I made a post,but I am finally back. Things here at Skunky Acre have been busy, fun, and a little sad.

We can start off with the fact that we had a lovely Christmas. The boys got most of what they wanted, and several opportunities to meet with Santa. We did ,however, move Christmas ahead a few days. Being a fireman my husbands schedule is quite honestly odd. He had a few days off before Christmas, but he had to work Christmas day. We decided to move everything up, but did not tell our offspring. We just simply got up one morning and announced that it was in fact Christmas at our house, if not at any other. The kids were thrilled and had a great time. It all turned out for the better, to, when a family friend died Christmas. We were all a bit sad, and will miss him.

We have also had many, many days of loads of snow falling from the sky with several days of 60 degree weather in between. It has been quite fun since the old snow does not pile up and get yucky, but you still get all the fun of watching it snow. The boys have dragged up an old snow board and been teaching themselves how to use it on the hills in the yard. We are very lucky and there have been no trips to the hospital with that ( knock on wood).

Now ,I am afraid, it is back to the old grind. The boys Christmas breaks are over and the tree is down. We are now into the good old clean out the closets and try new and better habits season.

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Tara said...

Amen to that! January & February are official "unpack boxes and clean out the barns" months around here.