Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Have Been Bad, Very, Very Bad

I can't believe I have not made a post since November, and then I only made one post in a whole month. I do sincerely make an apology, and I promise to be better this month. These cute little monkeys are the reason for my absence. I particularly like how the middle one ( my youngest) has begun making that same face for any picture. Isn't it just lovely !

Now let me catch you up on our lovely little lives:

We had a wonderful holiday. The whole family came out and we all shoe horned into my house. We had a great time visiting, going to movies, eating turkey, the whole works. It was really great to see my little niece. She is growing up so fast and I only have so many days a year to spoil her.

We also are in the middle of a raccooning. We have traps out but no occupants yet. Fortunately we have not lost any chickens, but we are on the look out. A family of around 7 raccoons can not be up to any good in my yard at night. Especially since my oldest caught them waiting in a tree, hoping that we would forget to lock up the chicken house just one night. I do think they would get a surprise when they went fishing for a nice sweet chicken and got a handful of turkey.

On a really exciting note...... We now qualify for a free calender from the feed store. A special moment in every girls life, I know. We received ours yesterday and it took me a while to absorb the fact that we actually purchase enough stuff from a feed store for them to consider us good customers and send us a calender. Are we cool or what.


Sherry said...

Apparently, another reason I am not cool.

I'm glad you had a great time with your family. I hope we can all get together sometime.

Tara said...

That's awesome - I think I deserve a free calendar from the feed store, but I don't think they do that here.

Glad to hear you're well. I've not been much better about the posting - lots going on here, and not much free time.