Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Just Plain Ugly

Last night we had a wonderful time at my youngest sons preschool Christmas program. Santa even came with a gift for each child. Seeing my little ones eyes when Santa walked in the room in the middle of dinner was , well, priceless.

He even got to stand next to the new woman in his life. In case you are wondering my sweet little man is completely and utterly in love with Vivian and she is a fine pick if I may say so myself.

I was shocked that my boy got up in front of everyone and sang and danced. Such public displays are usually his brothers domain. I guess when you have the woman of your dreams by your side you can do anything.

But why does it seems that good and bad always come hand in hand. As we left for our really rockin' party with the man in red himself we had a loss. Turkey Lurkey is missing, there is no sign of him and we are all beside ourselves. His loss would be a deep cut to our lovely family and we keep hoping he will turn up.

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