Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Adventures Of Mohawk Mike Rooster Extraordinaire

I don't know what about my house attracts such strange things, but here is a new one.

Today a simple thing happened. The UPS man tried to deliver a package. Now one might think his biggest worry would be the dog, but no not here on Skunky Acre. One has to watch their back against all sorts of attacks when treading on our property,apparently. You see our drive way was covered in ice and snow so the UPS man did not want to pull his truck in. Instead he parked on the road and walked down. A simple move one may think, but it was the wrong one for him. Mohawk Mike our low ranking, feather headed rooster was right on that one. He was convinced that he needed to protect our house and all of its occupants from this person who was obviously up to no good. Yes, that is right our rooster attacked, with full force mind you, a delivery man. That poor guy. He just tossed the package and ran......God only knows what stories he told when he got back to headquarters. In fact I wonder if we will ever get a package delivered to the deck again or if they will just throw them from the truck as they pass.

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Tara said...

HA! Poor guy. I'm always afraid that's going to happen to someone here, too. Our delivery drivers always leave packages at the front gate. The meter reader is the only person that comes all the way in, and I'm guessing he's used to it out here!