Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please, Don't Make Your Problem My Problem

This is for all of you city folks out there who like to think you are doing us country bumpkins a favor by hand delivering us your unwanted pets. You know who you are, the ones who dump your problems out on the side of the road out side of town and hope someone will find them and love them. Well, we don't want them. If we wanted such a pet we would go down to the animal shelter, pet store, or local rescue and get one. If you are wondering exactly where this is coming from here is the story.

Yesterday we told the boys we would take them out to lunch and to the movies as sort of a last blow out before school starts on Monday. Everything was going well all through lunch in a mountain town near by, and then we headed down the mountain. Not to far from our house we found 2 large dogs that some one had " set free". We know this by the big bag of dog food they left dumped on the side of the road. It was complete with EMPTY water bowl. Now I am sure it was a very hard thing for them to do, seeing as I am sure they loved those dogs so very much, but it ate up the rest of my day. We as a family go with the idea that if we kept going on about our day we would be no better than the people who dumped them out. So we spent the next few HOURS finding out who was in charge of strays in the very remote area, and trying to figure out how to tell them where they were with no landmarks to speak of. They were 1 1/2 miles after the pavement ends up fresnal canyon road. There is a big bend in the road after a 15 mile an hour sign. How do you like those directions.... we also drew a map. We did finally make the movie, although we all worried about those sweet, friendly guys the whole time. They are in good hands now with an animal rescue group and hopefully finding good homes.

Now to deal with the stray cat that has shown up. It's picture is the one above. The boys have started feeding it and named her Clementine. I guess now we have a second cat I sure hope it is a girl.


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Tara said...

Oh, and in case anyone out there isn't aware, dumping pets on the side of the road is the same as killing them. They'll either be killed by a car, another animal, starvation, dehydration or exposure, or they'll end up with animal control or at some shelter where, guess what? They'll most likely be put down. The odds that they'll be rescued and end up in a loving home are EXTREMELY SLIM. You might as well just shoot them straightaway.

{she says, fuming...}

Hi, my name is Sarah. said...

I won't comment on the animal dumping part. It's too much to handle.

But I will say that I'm pretty sure your new stray cat is female considering she looks calico.