Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just A Few Things

There have been some new " happenings " here on the acre and as always I like to keep my people posted.

We discovered what is eating our hens. Coyotes , and darn big ones at that. We have had the government out here to handle it, but it is to dangerous for them. So , of course, they have left us to handle it on our own. In the mean time we are keeping our kids, pets, and live stock locked up until the offending pack is dealt with. More on this later.

I have a new look. I know everyone is so concerned with my appearance, but this one is fun. I went in to get my hair touched up last week and came out with a completely new thing going on. Think Trixie from speed racer only crazier. I could not decide on a hair color so we just did them all. I am now Dark Golden Brown with bright blond and bright red streaks. My kids hate it, I love it. They say I don't look like a mom now, I look like a rock star. I say who wants to look like a mom, I would rather look like a rock star.


Sherry said...

A rock star who won't let her kids watch one on TV.

NM Illuminati said...

What is the difference in a mass produced painting of a barn to hang on the wall, and a unique piece of work with a true message? One is art. Guess which one it is...

Most rock stars on TV are definitely not art. They are human junk food. They simply teach our children to consume - consume - consume! No thought given to the deeper meanings or reasons why. Simply another way to corrupt youth culture and generate a future supply of non-questioning consumers of corporate sponsored fashion and music items.

There are quite a few rock stars I let my kids watch and listen to. Artists such as Bowie, Rollins (very limited), and old DEVO, etc. People I think have an important statement or message (eg. real art) or people I think have contributed to music culture or awareness in some healthy manner.

I aim to steer them from the paintings of barns hanging on the wall.