Monday, August 18, 2008

How Cool Is My Man

Yes, the same one with the broken elbow.

On Friday the neighbor called to say a coyote was headed this way. My brave man hung out our bedroom window with gun and shot it as it was trying to get our chickens.

Broken arm and all !

On the bad side he did not drop it and it ran off in the woods ( behind the bus stop) to die. I decided it might be wise to stand with the kids until the bus came. I had visions of the little girls trying to help the poor wounded creature while the boys threw rocks at it. We all know nothing is meaner than a wounded animal.... so I took a gun. You read that right, I stood at the school bus stop with a clutch of kids and a gun to protect them from a wounded coyote. Don't you do that often?

Oh, and the plums are jam, the yard is mowed ( no coyote cover that way), my husband is still broken but really cool, my oldest is registered for football, and I am very tired.

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