Saturday, August 2, 2008

In Plain Sight

Have you ever been looking for an answer to a problem only to discover, after many hours of searching, that the answer is right in front of your face ?

That is what happened to me. I spent yesterday calling all my chicken contacts ( yes, I have chicken contacts don't you?) in search of some barred rock laying hens. I had 8 meat birds to sweeten the deal. Then my loving husband pointed out the obvious,

all chickens lay eggs.

They may not lay well, or long, or in the same place every time like my beloved working girls but they all lay. We have 8 hens left of the meat birds and they should start up production fairly soon. I say when you are desperate you give everything a try. So in with the flock go the nameless masses who were save from the chopping block.

What a smart man I married.


Tara said...

Ahhh, very good! Have you thought of trying to hatch some out?

Tara said...

For being ever-vigilant in the fight against mysterious things with teeth and compost fires everywhere, I hereby present you with this award: