Monday, April 14, 2008

We Brake For Spring

Spring is here and it has brought our lives here on the acre to a screeching halt. Yes, we stopped our busy lives and just tried to enjoy.

The orchard is just gorgeous, and I have been spending a good part of every day just wondering through it. The kids have just seen Bee Movie and were fascinated with the difference between real life bees and movie bees. It was a wonderful time to point out how many things are not how TV and movies present them. We went to the zoo and spent a good part of a day watching animals we did not have to feed. We also grilled every meal we possibly could.

The chicks have arrived. We only received the Dark Cornish, the Wynadots will be in soon. They are cute as buttons and we are having the best time watching them grow. There only seems to be one snag in the grand plan to raise our food. These chicks look nothing like any of the pictures we have seen of Dark Cornish chicks. I will have to say things could get very interesting around here as these little guys grow and we discover if we received what we ordered.
I was sorry it ended this morning with the rush to preschool and elementary school. I am now looking forward to free flowing days of summer.

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