Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Haunted Trash Can

I have been suffering from a sinus infection this week. As you can imagine things around here are sliding a little and one of those things has been the trash. On trash day getting it to the curb completely slipped my mind. About half way through the day I noticed the can at the curb and thanked my husband for remembering when I had forgotten. He of course took full credit and smiled. That is when I knew, deep in my marriedness, that something was amiss. I drug out of him the fact that he had not done it. I proceeded to question everyone in the house and no one knew anything about it. So, somehow, my full trash can made it all the way up my drive in time to meet the trash truck.

Strange, but true and a bit convenient. If I did not feel so bad it might just freak me out!


Tara said...

Cracking up!

Mr. Wee said...

We won't mention the yard that mows itself, will we?

Jerry said...

Yard that mows itself?!? Where do I get one of those?!?