Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sort of like an update only skunkier.

We finally called and ordered our " eaten chickens " from the feed store. I went with a heritage breed known as Dark Cornish. They are suppose to have deep breasts and good meat. I guess we will find out as our grand experiment continues. I think we have a huge learning curve with this one.

I also put in an order for a few more laying hens. The elementary school is going to hatch some of our eggs, but I am unsure of how many good hens we will get so I thought I should order a few. We are trying a new breed called Golden Laced Wyandottes. I know very little about them other than they are from Wisconsin and should lay right through the winter. We will have to see how the work out.

As you can see from the picture above it has been beautiful around here lately. The boys have been really enjoying the weather and have to be called in for bed time, dirty as can be. Does life get any better ? We have consistently been up in the 60's so my youngest has decided ( like any good mountain boy would) that shirts are just a big waste of time. At least I he still wears pants and I expect that will fall to the way side as the weather warms even more.

Everyone is enjoying the new fence. I thought we would all hate it, but instead it gives us a nice boundary to work with. We still find it to incredibly ugly but that will change as the plants grow up around it. I expect that by this time next year we will have a nice insulating wall of privacy going on.

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Lisa said...

What a cute picture! Good luck with the chickens!