Monday, March 17, 2008

Skunkdate Part Two

Look what my son can do ! It is so cool, he can reach up in the air and catch a bird flying by. How he taught himself this I do not know but I am rather impressed.

Today is it is freezing cold. It has yet to reach 32 but is very close and we are holding our breath. All of this is new to me a dyed in the wool city girl. We have only been here 2 years and last year ( our first spring ) we had a late freeze and lost all our fruit. That is right no apples, no pears, no plums, no cherries. I really missed all the wonderfully ripe fruit last fall and we do not want to repeat the incident. So here we sit watching the temp. gage and hoping. I don't know how real farmers, you know the ones who lively hood depends on their crop, do it.

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Lisa said...

How in the world did he catch a bird with his hand? I'm impressed! :)