Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dog Number 54

Our quest to get a second dog has become a crazy affair. The first dog we brought home attacked Freckles ( our original dog) and hurt her bad enough that she needs several medications and veterinary care. Then we brought home a puppy, you can imagine why that one went back the same day. Right now we have Max. He has been giving us quite the run around, but we think we might keep him. The vote is in the morning so we have until then to continue to evaluate. Max has proven to be a handful. The first night we had him he decided to leave and hike all the way down the mountain to a movie theater. Lucky for us the local animal control found him, and we decided to call them on a whim. He is a sweet heart though and I really hope he works out.

Why is this titled Dog Number 54 you ask. Well, when we were bringing home Max he had no name. I asked the boys what they wanted to name this latest dog. My oldest son replied " Oh, I don't know how about Dog Number 54". To be fair we have named quite a few animals this week alone. I feel his frustration.


Tara said...

Awww, they always need time to settle in. We've had our puppy since November, and we're still waiting for all his kinks to work themselves out. ;-) Max looks sweet.

BTW - Jerry and I have decided that one dog is normal, two dogs is still pretty normal, when you cross over to three, it instantly becomes a circus, once you have three you might as well have four, and after that, it really doesn't matter how many you have. It's officially a zoo.

NM Illuminati said...

Sort of like having chickens...