Saturday, July 11, 2009

They Are Back

The coyotes are afoot once again here on the acre. Yesterday ( at 5:45 in the morning !) they got a particular favorite of ours. Junior the rooster is no more, and we are sad. He was the comic relief around here. My favorite story is the one where he steals the chicken head from the butcher block and runs around the yard with it for most of the day. What a character. As you can imagine we started the coyote reduction program upon juniors death. We have not had any success as of yet, but we will prevail. Until then the chickens are on lock down, and super pissed about it.


Tara said...

Oh, that stinks. We've not heard any coyote in quite awhile, and frankly I miss them. They kept the raccoons in check, and now the raccoons are running amok! How do they always know which ones are our favorites?

ACadwallader said...

Good Luck and catch a few for me too. I am still mad at a coyotedom. That is a word, I just made it up.