Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Sense Of Humor Is Returning

The rains are letting up a bit, my house only slightly sinks of water damage, there is no longer a Christmas tree in my living room, we have word from the school board about a meeting to " voice our concerns", and now my sense of humor is returning. I am feeling a little over whelmed with all the activities at the moment, but a lot of good is also going down.

I may have to rip a ton of water damage out of the basement, but at least it is in the guest room and bathroom. Those areas can be out of service for quite some time and not be a big pain. I also get to finally decorate down there. We have chosen Fresh Grape Juice for the color in the bathroom. Sort of cool in a Harry Potter kind of way. Oh, we also got a ton of junk cleaned out of our storage area. A bunch of it was " stuff you hang on to but don't really have a need for". Gee, once that is water damaged it can go. Talk about feeling groovy.

The school board has agreed to give us another meeting so they can hear our concerns. Like they don't already know we are going to come in a throw a fit. It is, however, giving us some amount of hope. Maybe we are winning over a few people, and maybe we can win this battle. The lines are already drawn and the vote is in 6 days.

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