Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Normal ?

Ok, I am back now. My life is returning some what to a normal state ( if my life is ever normal). Skunky Acre has been as active and interesting as always, I just have not had the time and mental space to write about it. Now that everything is calming down I should be back to entertaining the world with our odd life.

My husband, the brave leader of our family, has returned to work. His arm is almost healed and he can now use it again. It is a bit painful for him, but the doctor told him that is his therapy.

My oldest sons football team is kicking some Pee Wee butt. They are undefeated and have now qualified for the play offs. So far he has not broken any bones or had any major injuries. Thank goodness ! Any time someone gets hurt on the field my first response is " that is not my kid is it?".

Our turkey ( who we were convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt was a girl) has found his manhood. He now struts around the yard displaying to all what a huge stud he is. He has also formed some strange bond with our oldest son. He meets him at the bus, comes when you call his name, and will hug you. Yes, I just said our turkey will hug you. I think the oddest thing he does is gets on the trampoline with the kids. Strange I know, but that is our life.

This past few weeks has been so busy and crazy that I can't even start to tell you all about it. I guess it will have to be enough to say I am back and I am sure it will all come out in the end.

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