Monday, October 6, 2008

I Have Cats !

First you have to say that right, sort of like one would say:

I have lice,
I have gas,
or even,
I have termites

Yes, here at Skunky Acre we have a plague of cats. It all started when we went out of town for a few days this summer. We had a lovely time, but the house sitters were feeding our cat outside ( with our permission) and it attracted a lovely calico cat. We kept feeding her because she was sweet and cute, and she apparently did not have a home. Well, that set off the cat radar for this whole area and now we are over run with cats, all of which want food. One has even decided she lives here and will just walk in my house and make herself at home. We started calling her Jadis ( as in the white witch that just took over Narnia) and her picture is above.

Now what to do with all these cats,

Anyone want one ?


Tara said...

We could use a mouser. Can you ship a cat Fedex?

S. Kay said...

Catch, Snip, and release. If they breed, you'll be overrun! Do you have a humane society in town?

Brenda said...

Are you kidding ! We don't even legally have a town. We do have a vet in the area that I have set up the whole snipping process with.