Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Free Fall

Yes, this leaf really did fall in our orchard and it is just absolutely beautiful down there. I love all the leaves of red, gold, and yellow. The chill in the air has chased us indoors more and more each day. I find myself turning to my half finished projects inside the house, and dragging out my soup recipes. All the dry air and indoor play has also brought a lovely cold virus to the house . It is visiting each of us in turn and we will be very glad to see it go. I guess this should lead to a wonderful list of all things our family loves about fall.

Family, I don't know why but to us fall always means family
Hot chocolate
Fuzzy slippers and Fuzzy PJs
Old movies on TV
Pop corn
Fires in the fire place ( or wood stove)
New snow boots ( this one is my youngest fav. He wears his everywhere even though there is no snow.)
Fresh baked bread, pies, cakes

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Lisa said...

What a pretty leaf! It was cold here today and we ate soup too. I love the winter! :)