Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fences Make Good Neighbors

The past few weeks here at Skunky Acre we have been busy installing a fence along the only open area on our property. When we moved in we had no fencing what so ever. As time has passed we have slowly been separating ourselves from the rest of the crazy people in our town. We never wanted it this way, when we moved in I loved the open yard connecting to everyone else. I envisioned everyone just sharing, and boy was I wrong. First our chickens bothered one neighbor, then our dog bothered another, people indiscriminatly stop in and pick our fruit with out even asking, neighbors dogs attack our livestock, etc. We are hoping the fence will help in other ways also. I am silly enough to believe that any fence that would keep in 2 dogs will keep out a pack of hungry coyotes, or that having the dogs fenced in the yard will help chase off some of the predators who are desimating our flock this year. We have lost 3 chickens in 2 weeks and wake every morning and immediately run to the chicken house to do a chicken check. The fence is almost complete, well actually the fence is complete, all that is left is to install a gate across our driveway. This is a major project that will involve hiring someone to dig through very rocky soil so we can install the gate posts. I think in the end it will be nice and we will love it. Fences make good neighbors after all.

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Lisa said...

Glad you got the fence up!

I hadn't checked your blog in a while b/c it hadn't updated on my blog links. Weird! Glad to catch up on what ya'll are up to!