Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who Is That Man And Why Is He Screaming At Me

The nearest I can figure out his name is Charlie. That would be the total that I know.

Now for the story......

I came home from taking my youngest to the doctor, back when the horrible sickness had taken over the house, only to find my husband a bit upset. Apparently some strange man in a white truck had pulled into the driveway, gotten out, and began to scream at us. Being a sane man my husband avoided all contact with said man. This action only made the gentleman more upset. He eventually left, and my husband assumed I would know what what going on. When I arrived home with my sick little one I was asked if we knew anyone in a white truck with a funny mustache and if I knew why he would yell at us. Of course I knew nothing. I now got to spend the entire week or so asking everyone up and down the street if they knew him and if they knew what was wrong. I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy. I stop everyone walking up and down the road, and quiz anyone I can catch driving by. I have been told everything from my dog scared a little old lady ( the same lady who comes in my yard and picks my fruit when she thinks I am not looking, by the way) to I have a viscous dog that tries to eat people. Truth be told, no one knows what happened. Maybe eventually I will find Charlie and we can find out the truth.

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Tara said...

This is my favorite part of this story:

"and my husband assumed I would know what what going on."

Isn't that always how it is? :)