Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Batman, Dinosaur, Indiana Jones, Hiking Party or My Youngest Turns 4

As most of you with children know with your first child you would cut your arm off before you would let their birthday parties be theme free. You make sure that every aspect meets that theme, and spend all sorts of money to have the perfect party.

Then after a few kids and many years of party giving you could give a crap. Not that you are not just as excited for your little ones special day, but you realize that what ever they want is fine as long as it makes them feel special.

For my youngest, my sweet baby, all he wanted was his whole family to come to his house, to have a batman pinata, an Indiana Jones cake, dinosaur decorations, and go hiking. That is exactly what we did. In his mind is was the best day ever, what more could you ask for.


Tara said...

Hee! Good for him. He's a man who knows what he wants. ;-)

Sherry said...

Happy birthday to Ian! I'm glad he had such a great day. He is a cutie!